Training workshops



September 3rd 2013                                                                                    

A general introduction to traditional orchards which will cover the history of orchards, rootstocks, grafting, cultivars, identification principles, tree planting, pruning principles and sources of information.

Location:  Lower House Farm


September 17th 2013                                                                     

Advanced pruning principles and practical espalier and cordon pruning.

Location:  Colwall


October 1st  2013                                                                                     

Rescue pruning – some practical application.

Location:  Colwall


October 15th 2013                                                                          

Harvesting – different methods, storage and ripening.  Practical day.

Location: Colwall


November 5th 2013                                                                             

Orchard design and tree planting.  Includes some practical.

Location: Colwall


November 19th 2013                                                                              

Formative pruning of young trees.  Practical day.

Location: Colwall


December 3rd 2013                                                                          

Maintenance and rejuvination pruning of older trees, including mistletoe. Practical day.

Location:  Colwall


January 7th 2013                                                                                   

Pruning – tree forms etc.  Practical day.

Location:  Tidnor Wood Orchard


January 21st 2014                                                                                       

All about Perry pears.  Includes some practical.

Location:  Davies Meadow Nature Reserve


February 4th 2014  

Introduction to stone fruit e.g. plums and cherries

Location:  Colwall


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