Windfalls: A Winter Feast For Wildlife


As autumn flows seamlessly into winter, our orchards are still full of activity. Windfalls provide a vital source of late food for many species of birds and mammals. Fieldfares, redwings, mistle and song thrushes, blackbirds, jays all have a liking for ripe apples, as do badgers, foxes, hedgehogs and hares.  Continue reading

Wildlife In The Winter Orchard


Winter is a busy time in the orchard. Once the trees have entered dormancy, it is the perfect time to plant new bare root trees and do some formative and restorative pruning on  apples and pears.  It is also a wonderful time to enjoy the wildlife that venture into the orchards for food and shelter. The windfalls provide a valuable late food source for many birds and mammals. Continue reading

What to do with Windfalls


The high winds that battered the British Isles last week will have dislodged most of the apples that  were still lingering on the trees.  If you have had your fill of apple pie and crumble for the year; your cupboards are groaning with jars of home-made chutney; and your friends and neighbours are politely turning down your offers of free apples you may be wondering what to do with this latest haul of windfalls.

Dried apples are a good way to use up excess apples and are easy to produce. They make a great snack for children as well as adults and work well with any variety of apple.  At Orchard Origins we use a food dehydrator to make them but a domestic oven works just as well.  Continue reading