Cut Two: Removing An Entire Branch




Correct pruning keeps fruit trees healthy. Trees with few overlapping or competing limbs have a better chance of a long fruitful life.  In young and mature trees, allowing more sunlight and air to penetrate the canopy aids tree health and fruit production. Older and veteran trees can be kept in balance, or even rebalanced to prevent them from falling. However, the very act of pruning is causing a wound to the tree. Using the right pruning technique, a tree will seal the wound using its own mechanisms and little harm will come to the tree.

As part of our Guide To Best Pruning Practice In Four Cuts, this blog will look at Cut Two which is used when removing a whole branch back to the trunk or parent branch.  Continue reading

Spur Bearing and Tip Bearing Fruit Trees


Apple trees bear fruit in different ways. Where on the branch the fruit is produced, determines how the tree should be pruned.  The cropping habit of different apple cultivars falls into three main categories:

  • spur bearing
  • tip bearing
  • partial tip bearing

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