How To Find Heritage Apple Varieties

Tree with apples

Sourcing specific apple varieties or discovering new ones can be difficult and very time-consuming. Garden centres tend to stock only the popular varieties and more specialist nurseries are few and far between.  Help is at hand. The People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) is launching the first online database which lists every known UK-grown variety of orchard fruit from apples and pears to medlars and mulberries providing a way for gardeners, cider-makers and orchard owners to find nurseries that sell them. Continue reading

Great Offer From PTES For Traditional Orchard Owners


The Peoples Trust for Endangered Species is offering to fund replacement planting for traditional orchards that are in need of new trees. This to ensure that these orchards survive for the next hundred years and beyond.

This fantastic offer is open to any owner or manager of an existing traditional orchard be it a community orchard, or a privately-owned or managed orchard. The grants can cover the cost of the trees themselves, or the cost of rootstocks onto which existing varieties in your orchard, or a variety of your choice, can be grafted. Continue reading