Managing Mistletoe


Dormington is a good example of an orchard that is in need of mistletoe management. Many of the trees are over eighty years old and struggling to thrive under the weight of this parasitic plant.  Trees can cope with small amounts of mistletoe, but unchecked it can swamp the tree and eventually threaten its survival.

Cutting and selling mistletoe prunings is a traditional method of controlling its impact. Orchard Origins has been  harvesting mistletoe at Dormington to sell in the run up to Christmas.   Continue reading

Mistletoe And Holly Auction

For the last hundred years there has been an annual mistletoe and holly auction at Tenbury Wells in Worcestershire.  It’s the largest wholesale market for English mistletoe in the country and attracts buyers from all over the British Isles.  This was the last of three auctions.

Orchard Origins will be harvesting mistletoe as part of its mistletoe management programme in the Dormington orchard later this week. We will be selling sprigs of it at Hereford farmers’ market in the run up to Christmas.

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