How To Avoid Silver Leaf


Plum trees are particularly prone to silver leaf

It is coming towards the end of the period when it is safe to prune plants that are susceptible to silver leaf.  There are number of fruit trees that are prone to this potentially fatal and untreatable fungal disease, most notably plum and cherry.  The silver leaf fungus releases most of its infectious spores between September and May during damp or wet weather, so pruning in the summer during a dry spell is recommended.  Furthermore, during the summer months the trees produce a gum in the plant tissues which helps prevent the spread of silver leaf fungal threads. Any spores that enter and germinate are unlikely to go on to cause silver leaf symptoms. Continue reading

Orchard Tooth Fungus – A Rare Discovery


Courtesy of Countryside Restoration Trust


A very rare fungus has been discovered at Awnells Farm in Much Marcle Herefordshire – one of eleven farms managed by the Countryside Restoration Trust.  The orchard or apple tooth fungus (Sarcodontia crocea) – listed as one of the UK’s ‘vulnerable’ species – was found by a CRT monitoring officer and verified by experts at Kew Gardens.  It’s only the fourth time this century that this extremely rare fungus has been recorded.  There are only fifteen other known sites in Britain where it can be  found. Continue reading