Ready To Pick v Ripe To Eat


An orchard owner, whose apples we use for juicing, was perplexed as to why Orchard Origins’ apple juice tasted so much better than his own.  The apples, after all, were  the same variety; picked at roughly the same time and from the same orchard.  The answer was simple. He had pressed his apples the day after picking whereas Orchard Origins had stored the apples until January to allow the flavour to develop and as a result produced a far superior juice. Continue reading

When are Apples Ready to Eat?


This year the hedgerows and woodlands have been so abundant with fruit and nuts that 2013 has been dubbed a Mast year. The fruit orchards have also been very productive  – perhaps not quite a bumper crop – but compared to last year it feels like one. We are currently working in twenty-four orchards and with all of them cropping well harvesting different varieties of apples and pears at the right time is proving to be quite a logistical challenge. Continue reading