How Herefordshire Helped Save the British Cider Industry


There has been a strong tradition of cider-making throughout Herefordshire for over three-hundred-and-fifty years. The county still accounts for over half the cider produced in the UK.  The earliest written  mention of cider can be found in Hereford Cathedral’s famous Chained library in the Wycliffe Bible.  Today’s cider and perry industry owes much to Herefordshire and in particular a few influential and passionate men who played a crucial role in its development. Continue reading

Why It’s Worth Trying To Understand Rootstocks


Apple trees come in all shapes and sizes.  Choosing the apple variety is the fun part, but it’s just as important to consider the tree’s eventual height and spread.  Some apple varieties  naturally grow more vigorously than others, but the most significant factor influencing the mature height and vigour of the tree is the rootstock it has been grafted on to.

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10 Tips For Successful Apple Storage


The apple harvest has begun in earnest.  At Orchard Origins, we pick on a Friday and then juice and bottle the following week. Some apple varieties will be stored for a few weeks before juicing to allow the flavour to develop fully.

If you have had a bounty of apples this year and are not planning to juice them, you are probably wondering how you can prevent your harvest from spoiling. One of the great benefits of apples over other orchard fruits is that stored correctly they can still be enjoyed well into the New Year. We are often asked about storing apples, so we felt it was worth re-posting this blog from last year. Here are our 10 tips for successful apple storage.

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The Trouble With Triploids

IMG_1613 The Bramley crops well, but the other apple tree never produces a thing. This is not an uncommon complaint.  It’s usually the tree that has failed to fruit that is identified as the ‘problem’. In fact, the ‘culprit’ will almost certainly be the Bramley. Bramley’s Seedling is triploid. The trouble with triploids is they have no viable pollen and cannot be used to pollinate other apple trees.   Continue reading

Mulled Apple Juice

IMG_0613Hot mulled apple juice is a delicious non-alcoholic alternative to mulled wine and equally warm and comforting on a cold autumnal night.  At Orchard Origins we have been working on creating an apple juice blend that will be perfect for mulling. It will go on sale in December in time for the festive season. To create our Dormington Blend we set up the portable apple press in the orchard and took samples of juice from different apple varieties.  Continue reading

Tips for Storing Apples

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One of the great benefits of apples over other orchard fruits is that stored correctly they can still be enjoyed well into the New Year.  Not all apples are suitable for storage, however, as we discussed in the blog When are Apples Ready to Eat. Early varieties should be eaten as soon as they have been picked. In general, it is the late season apples that will store most successfully such as Braeburn and Granny Smiths.

Here are 10 tips for successful storage. Continue reading