Ready To Pick v Ripe To Eat


An orchard owner, whose apples we use for juicing, was perplexed as to why Orchard Origins’ apple juice tasted so much better than his own.  The apples, after all, were  the same variety; picked at roughly the same time and from the same orchard.  The answer was simple. He had pressed his apples the day after picking whereas Orchard Origins had stored the apples until January to allow the flavour to develop and as a result produced a far superior juice. Continue reading

A Pear With A Past

The cows will be returning to the orchard at Lower House Farm in the next few days so harvesting the windfalls was a priority.  We picked eighteen crates of apples – Bramley’s Seedling, Adam’s Pearmain, Catsheads, Herefordshire Beefing and Hanwell’s Souring.

The pear trees – three magnificent Worcester Black Pears – have cropped particularly well this year. Many of the pears had already fallen to the ground and with some gentle coaxing we were able to dislodge the remainder. So, in addition to the apples, we filled another six crates with Black Pears.

The Black Pear is a very old cultivar that has had a long association with Worcestershire; three Black Pears make up part of the centrepiece of the City of Worcester’s coat of arms. Over the years the origins of Worcester Black Pear have aroused a great deal of debate, but with the help of new scientific methods the mystery may finally be solved. Continue reading