Pruning Services

Orchard Origins offer a range of fruit tree pruning services and orchard assessment. We specialise in orchards which balance fruit production with supporting wildlife, however, we also prune ornamental and restricted growth forms (espalier, cordon etc). Whether your orchard is yet to be planted or fully mature, we can help keep it beautiful, productive, and teeming with life.

Pruning can be undertaken by staff on an hourly or daily basis, either with or without volunteers.  All work is supervised and our high standards are maintained at all times, however, if you prefer not to have volunteers on your property we understand.

We welcome the chance to pass on skills to others. You, your friends and family are always welcome to join us. We are more than happy to share the why’s and how’s of what we do.

All the income from our pruning services supports the environmental and social goals of Orchard Origins.

Pruning Services

For a small number of trees with one of our fully trained staff attending and pruning at an hourly rate.  If 2 staff are needed for a short time job a quote will be provided.

Hourly Rate:
(1 Staff or Staff + Volunteers)              £30 + £20 travel
(2 Staff or 2 Staff + Volunteers)           £50 + £20 travel

N.B: We do not currently offer the following services

Basic Survey and Report                                                 £75

  • 1 hour on site
  • Owner Objectives
  • Orchard Assessment – condition of sward, trees, mistletoe and boundaries.
  • Management Recommendations (5 year plan)

Enhanced Assessment and Report                             £150

To include the above plus

  • Site Context  (research into wider landscape, surrounding habitat and evidence of historic use)
  • Other habitat features (ponds, hedges, wildlife observations)
  • Orchard Evaluation
  • Management Recommendations including reference to wider habitat context


Other Services include identification, tagging, sourcing and planting trees.

We are very well connected so if we can’t help with a specific requirement, we will find someone who can.


Additional Information 

  • Prior to any work commencing we will undertake a Risk Assessment. This enables us to look at the orchard and understand your requirements. A quote will be provided free of charge.
  • All work is fully insured.
  • Please note that pruning work is physical – 5 – 6 hours (including breaks) is the maximum we can do in a day.  Rates reflect this.



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