Why not make this an Appley Christmas

We’ve had another bumper year and have finally found a few moments to raise our heads up from our apple presses. It’s non stop production at this time of year so we thought we’d take a bit of time out to tell you what we have been making and how you can get your hands on some of the appley deliciousness in time for Christmas.

The juices we’ve made

Sweetness and Light apple juice is a blend of the fresh, light flavours of Merton Charm, Chiver’s Delight and Red Devil with the fuller, nuttier Adam’s Pearmain and King of the Pippins to produce a sweet juice bursting with flavour. Our Lazy Days juice is crisp, sweet Merton Charm blended with just enough Bramley Seedling to give it a distinctive smooth flavour with a little kick. Pippin Marvellous, Orchard Origin’s current favourite, combines the sweet nutty flavour of Ashmead’s Kernel blended perfectly with the buttery acidity of King of the Pippins and Ribston pippin, creating a beautifully honeyed juice. And finally, our First Blush is pure and unfiltered McIntosh which presses to give the juice a subtle pink blush. It’s floral yet savoury and rumored to be great with Gin!

As well as our Juices, this Christmas you could buy a fruity friend our Apple Verjuice or our unpasteurised Apple Cider Vinegar. A visit to our online shop will get you started. Or if you are in Herefordshire pop into our gift shop.

Anything you buy from us helps support our work managing orchards throughout Herefordshire and supporting people with a history of mental ill health.

We are about wildlife, well-being and deliciousness!

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