What to do with all them apples?

It’s Harvest time
We at Orchard Origins have already picked and pressed our first batch of Apple Verjuice. We are keenly watching the the rest of our crop which will go into our apple juices.

Those of you with early season apple are probably already knee deep in baskets of the rosy sweet smelling bounty. Eaten straight from the tree and they’re delicious but if you have later varieties then they will need storing to develop the complex flavours that give them their superior (we think) flavours. Whatever you have, this is the time of year to really enjoy apples in all their regional glory.

Top tips
Picking – cup the apple in the palm of your hand and gently lift and twist. If you have to tug at your apples they’re not ready to pick.

Storing – store in single layers in a well ventilated, cool, dark place. Sheds are ideal but makes sure they’re rodent free. If you’re uncertain, hanging a small number of apples in bags with holes for ventilation will solve the problem.

Tasting – keep at it, every week. You’re tasting to see if your variety has reached optimum sweetness. i.e. once all the starch has converted into sugar. Over time, this will become second nature as too much starch makes the apples feel a little powdery in your mouth with an absence of flavour. In the meantime, you could purchase some iodine, cut the apple in half and liberally pour over the flesh. If it turns black this indicates an absence of starch.

If you have more apples than you know what to do with and live in Herefordshire then why not get us to press your apples and bottle the juice. That way you can enjoy the flavours of your apples throughout the year. click here for more information on this service.

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