Wild Cocktails in the Black Mountains

What better way to kick start July than sipping cocktails made with our delicious Apple Verjuice. The foragers Andy Hamilton and Liz Knight teamed up with The Botanist Gin to tickle our taste-buds at this enjoyable Wild Cocktail evening.

During the morning Andy and Liz led a walk of sixteen (including Orchard Origins Julia) eager to discover which wild plant they could safely forage. The Herefordshire hedgerows and verges were teeming with plants: Hogweed, Agrimony and Meadowsweet to name a few. Apparently, all good ingredients to add as botanicals to gin. The afternoon was dedicated to the art of gin making with Andy who led us sip by sip until we were all making our own blends.

The proof of the pudding came that evening as guests rolled up to a Wild Cocktails and Burger Night set on a picturesque farm nestled into the black mountains with views of Hatterall Hill and the Skirrid. Our Apple Verjuice starred in the Apple Rose cocktail, which went down extremely well.

We put a lot of love and attention into the production of our verjuice, managing the orchard in a wildlife friendly way, harvesting by hand and bottling with a team of dedicated volunteers.

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