We love our Apple Verjuice

20170202_161242Verjuice was certainly widely used across Europe by the Romans (and may have been used prior to this) and its use persisted as a cooking ingredient throughout the Middle Ages. Unripe grapes were thinned to increase quality and ripening, and with a waste-not-want-not culture they were pressed to produce a souring agent. Since the Romans introduced orchards as they travelled, we suspect that the same process would have been used to produce apple verjuice.

Using a select blend mix of apples from our very own orchard in Herefordshire, we have developed our own truly unique apple verjuice. Pleasingly sour, like lemon juice or vinegar, with a little sweetness to complement its intense fruitiness, the only thing it really compares to is tamarind.

We like to use it to add depth and sharpness to dressings, stews, condiments and soups, and an exciting substitute for sauces where white wine is called for (it is divine in a beurre blanc). It’s delicious in marinades for white meats and fish, gives a unique twist to cakes, and can really enliven cocktails and mocktails!

Go to our shop and list of stockists to find where to buy this and our other deliciously appley products.

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