Great Offer From PTES For Traditional Orchard Owners


The Peoples Trust for Endangered Species is offering to fund replacement planting for traditional orchards that are in need of new trees. This to ensure that these orchards survive for the next hundred years and beyond.

This fantastic offer is open to any owner or manager of an existing traditional orchard be it a community orchard, or a privately-owned or managed orchard. The grants can cover the cost of the trees themselves, or the cost of rootstocks onto which existing varieties in your orchard, or a variety of your choice, can be grafted.

Evidence shows that the most effective way of improving the condition of an orchard is to encourage replacement planting and filling the gaps in orchards when old trees die.

There have been thousands of fruit varieties raised and grown in the British Isles, many now sadly lost. Many, though, have survived in people’s orchards around the country and in specialist collections. Grafting new trees from the varieties already existing in  orchards can keep these varieties going and can preserve local, heritage and rare apple varieties for the next generation. 

To apply, you need to be 18 or over and have filled in a short orchard owner’s questionnaire, which can be downloaded from the PTES website. 


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