Apple Juicing and Bottling Service




Orchard Origins offers a specialist juicing and bottling service 

Juicing is a great way of processing surplus apples and enjoying them long after the eating season is over. In our purpose built juicing shed, we are able to produce apple juice to retail standards, so whether you want juice for your own consumption or intend to sell it on you can rest assured that it is of the highest quality.


Keeping it pure

We only press ripe apples giving your juice a full and aromatic flavour

We do not filter juice, ensuring a high level of natural fruit fibre is retained

We typically add a small amount of Vitamin C to prevent the juice from browning, but if you prefer we can refrain

Bottled juice is gently pasteurised, giving most juices a shelf life of two years

We use green glass bottles which helps protect your juice from premature deterioration


What we ask from you

Hand pick from the tree – bruised or contaminated apples cannot go into juice as there is a risk of pathogens

Deliver ripe and ready to press – unripe apples make inferior juice and we have limited storage capacity. [See Ready to Pick v Ripe to Eat]

We specialise in small batch processing (50-700kg)


Your next step

Contact Julia or Laurence 01432 356872

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