Europe’s Traditional Orchard Landscapes – with World Heritage status?

World heritage status for traditional orchards is a fascinating concept. This blog, from a traditional orchard enthusiast based in Germany,  is definitely worth a read.

An Edible Landscape

09_02_2013 Meadow-Orchard_in-Waiting  18_05_2013 Die Wiese 03_08_2013 Die Wiese   26_10_2013 Die Wiese

Press Release, Nürtingen, Germany, 2.3.2015

“Europe’s Traditional Orchard Landscapes – a World Heritage Site”

This was the theme of an event attended by some 40 guests on Saturday 28.2.2015 in the “Haus der Familie” in Nürtingen, Germany where Peter Scharfenberger, Nürtingen resident, beekeeper and tree surgeon, had initiated a gathering of scientific, traditional orchard, administrative and cultural experts. Among those who took up his invitation were Jenny Piegsa, traditional orchard coordinator with the Ministry of Rural Affairs and Corinna Schweickardt, fruit-growing consultant with the Esslingen District Office. Also present was renowned fruit expert Professor Walter Hartmann, Ms. Wagner-Jung from the cultural landscape tour guides “Die Obstler”, regional activists from the German Nature Conservation Association NABU, representatives of a number of local councils and also Maria Schropp, the resourceful head of the Württemberg region’s “Schwäbisches Streuobstparadies e.V.” (“Swabian Traditional Orchard Paradise Association”).

Following his thought-provoking introduction Peter…

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