Help Preserve Herefordshire’s Traditional Orchards


IMG_0932Orchard Origins is entering an exciting new phase as it becomes a Community Interest Company. We currently help maintain eleven acres of orchard owned and managed by the Herefordshire Nature Trust, as well as over twenty or so private orchards. Each week we are contacted by landowners who are keen to work with us. As we grow and take on further orchards, we are on the lookout for more volunteers. If you enjoy being outside and learning new skills or are just keen to understand more about Herefordshire’s orchard heritage why not come and join us? It’s a friendly and fun atmosphere with plenty of tea and coffee breaks.

Herefordshire is fortunate to have more traditional orchards than any other county, even so they are constantly under threat from housing development, more intensive farming methods and neglect.  As the orchards disappear, so does the expertise needed to maintain them. Volunteering with Orchard Origins is a great opportunity to learn about all aspects of traditional orchard restoration and wildlife-friendly management which will help keep those skills alive.

Our volunteer work groups are led by experienced or trained leaders who will explain what needs to be done and how to do it. They will demonstrate how to use the correct tools safely. As the seasons change so do the tasks, so there is always something new to learn. You can expect to get involved with tree planting, pruning, scrub clearing, mistletoe management and in the Autumn harvesting the fruit.
Tree Planting at Dormington

Tree Planting at Dormington

Our regular work party goes out on Fridays and leaves Lower House Farm, Tupsley, Hereford at 10.30am and we are usually back by 4.30pm in the summer and by dusk in the winter. You will be transported to and from the orchard we are working in that day.

All equipment used in the orchards is provided, including gardening gloves. As you will be working outside you should wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the weather conditions.

If you’d be interested in volunteering with us, or you’d just like to find out more about Orchard Origins, please contact us. We are interested in hearing from individuals and organisations.


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