Orchard Origins First Batch Of Cider

Making craft cider isn’t something that can be rushed.  It has a long tradition and requires time and skill to produce good-tasting cider. We are guided through the process by a local Herefordshire cider-maker.

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The apple juice will be left in an airtight storage tank to ferment slowly and allow the flavour to develop.   By the summer Orchard Origins’ first batch of craft cider should be ready for bottling.

4 thoughts on “Orchard Origins First Batch Of Cider

  1. I enjoyed your slideshow. We just moved to a house with a small orchard with a larger one (and cider press) next door. We pressed our first apples last fall and it’s interesting to see how others do it as well!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. Orchard Origins is hoping to get its own press one day but for the moment we are working with a local craft cider maker. Envious that you have a press next door. Very handy! Our cider was racked a few weeks ago but still a way to go before we get to taste it.

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