Francesca Griffith

Fran orchard volsIt is with great sadness that we share the death of Francesca Griffith with you.  Fran was the Conservation Manager at Herefordshire Nature Trust, responsible for looking after many inspirational projects including Orchard Origins during her career here.  She died peacefully in her sleep, following a short battle with cancer, and those who knew her will nod and say, “Aye” when you learn that her last words were, “Are we going to the pub now?”

Cheers, Fran.  Rest in peace.

If you would like to attend Fran’s funeral or make a donation in her memory please get in touch.

One thought on “Francesca Griffith

  1. Although I never met Francesca we communicated several times by phone and email. She always seemed an exceptionally nice and knowledgeable person and I am so very sorry to hear this sad news. My heartfelt condolences go to her family and friends.

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