5 New Year Resolutions For Orchard Lovers


According to research about 40% of us make New Year’s resolutions, but most of us will fail to keep them beyond the first month.  Here are 5 simple promises that should be easy to fulfil and will benefit our orchards and wildlife. 

Create a wildlife-friendly woodpile

Instead of burning tree cuttings or removing them create a  woodpile in the corner of the orchard.  All manner of creatures large and small will thank you. Small mammals and birds will use it for shelter and as a food source.  Many species of lichens, mosses, fungi and invertebrates depend on deadwood for part of their life cycle.

Bee friendly

Make your orchard more bee-friendly by leaving hedgerows untrimmed in the Spring.  This will provide early nectar sources for emerging bumble bee queens and the blossom will attract other pollinators.

Leave standing deadwood

What should be done with that old gnarled tree that no longer produces fruit?   Leave it alone. Holes in standing deadwood are vital breeding and roosting sites for woodpeckers, bats and owls. Dead branches make excellent song and display perches for birds.

Enjoy a bit of ecotherapy

Set aside time to enjoy the sights and sounds of your orchard. Forget about pruning, trimming hedges or cutting the grass just soak in the simple beauty of an orchard on a winter’s day.

Introduce your friends to the Orchard Origins Blog and Facebook page.

Spread the word about Orchard Origins and help conserve Herefordshire’s traditional orchards. Better still join us in the orchards on a Friday or come and help us sell our products at farmers’ markets across Herefordshire.  To find out more please get in contact.

Orchard Origins would like to thank everyone who has supported our work in 2013 and a particularly big thank you to all our volunteers.

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