Orchard Maintenance and Hedge-Laying Workshops

Formative pruning workshop in Colwall

In the New Year, Orchard Origins and the Herefordshire Nature Trust are running a series of workshops on orchard maintenance and hedge-laying that promote wildlife-friendly practices.

There has been a huge decline in traditional orchards and hedgerows in the UK since the 1950s. When sensitively managed for fruit production and wildlife orchards support a huge diversity of insects, mammals, birds and plants. Hedges provide natural corridors and nesting sites for a host of different species. Understanding and practising traditional management techniques will help conserve these fragile habitats. 

Orchard Maintenance

Orchard Origins is hosting three one-day courses on different aspects of orchard maintenance. The course tutor, Tim Dixon from the Colwall Orchard Group, is one of the country’s most qualified orchard specialists with many years experience managing traditional orchards.

Jan 7    Pruning for different tree forms plus Pests and diseases.   Tidnor Wood Orchard

Jan  21  Perry Pears.   Davies Meadow Orchard

Feb 4    Introduction to Stone Fruit plus Orchards and Wildlife.   Colwall Orchard

For more information please contact Julia Morton on 01432 356872 or orchards@herefordshirewt.co.uk


Hedge-laying is an ancient way of managing hedges that extend their life and function for many years. Herefordshire Nature Trust is running a training weekend on Jan 11th and 12th at Birches Farm  near Kington. The event is run by Nature Reserves’ staff.

If you are interested please contact Doug Lloyd on 01432 356 872 or email d.lloyd@herefordshirewt.co.uk

2 thoughts on “Orchard Maintenance and Hedge-Laying Workshops

  1. I wish I could attend your Orchard Maintenance Workshop. I’ve got to start pruning my fruit trees this weekend. Every year it’s a battle between my wife and I. Me…”I think I’ll trim this and this.” My wife…”Are you sure about that?” “Do you have to take so much?” “Won’t they bear more fruit if you don’t prune?” I call it “Defend Your Decision Day.” Wish me luck!

    • Thank you for your comment. As you say it’s a shame you can’t attend the workshop. Tim is a very inspirational tutor and takes the fear out of it. He likes to remind everyone that it’s an art not science. Good luck

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