Mulled Apple Juice

IMG_0613Hot mulled apple juice is a delicious non-alcoholic alternative to mulled wine and equally warm and comforting on a cold autumnal night.  At Orchard Origins we have been working on creating an apple juice blend that will be perfect for mulling. It will go on sale in December in time for the festive season. To create our Dormington Blend we set up the portable apple press in the orchard and took samples of juice from different apple varieties. 

The one hectare orchard at Dormington is planted with two traditional cider apples, Yarlington Mill and Brown Snout, and a single culinary variety, the Bramley.  The apples that have already fallen will be harvested in the next few weeks and used for cider, but there are still plenty of apples on the trees that can be hand picked for juice.

We were aiming for what Laurence, the project manager, calls an ‘adult’ juice that is slightly dryer but with complexity and structure. We experimented with different blends until we found a combination that was the right balance of sweet and acidic.

If you would like to buy any of our juices or chutneys, Orchard Origins has a stand at Hereford Farmers’ Market in High Town every Thursday from 0900-1400.

Mulled Apple Juice

1 litre Orchard Origins apple juice

1 cinnamon stick

4 cloves

2cm piece of fresh ginger, bashed

½ orange sliced.


1. Place all the ingredients, except the orange slices, in a stainless steel saucepan on a low heat.   Tip: Only use whole spices, not ground.

2. Bring to a gentle simmer and allow the spices to infuse for about ten minutes, longer if you like a more intense flavour. Put the orange slices in for the last couple of minutes.

3.  Remove the pan from the heat and strain. Ladle into heatproof glasses or mugs or even better into a flask and head off to the orchard.

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