Apple glut? Try juicing


This year’s apple crop is the latest for a generation according to English Apples and Pears, the fruit grower’s trade association, but the good news is that the delay has allowed the apples to mature well which means they should have a wonderful flavour.

We picked twenty crates of Merton Charm this week which we’ll take to Pershore College to be pressed and the juice pasteurised and bottled. This particular orchard is the only bush orchard that we manage. The lower growing apple trees make picking much easier – a bonus when harvesting apples for juicing as they need to be handled carefully. We don’t use apples that are bruised or diseased for our juice.

If you have surplus fruit why not try making your own juice. Freshly pressed apple juice has a flavour that is much deeper, more complex than any of the commercial juices.

On average you need 2.5kg of apples – roughly a supermarket bag full – to produce a litre of apple juice. It will keep in the fridge for up to three days or it can be frozen or pasteurised for longer-term storage. If you don’t want to go to the expense of investing in your own press there are now a growing number of places around the country that offer a small volume pressing service.

Better still come along to the Orchard Origins Pick and Press Day on Sunday 13 October at the Herefordshire Nature Trust and try your hand at pressing some of our apples and creating your very own blend.

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